Dollar a Day

Remember how the love of your pet makes you feel.

When you feed it, does it prance around the kitchen so excited it is going to eat?

How about when you comb or brush it? I know that mine pets get so excited that they make a line to get brushed. 🙂

Millions of pets are waiting to be saved. They are waiting to be loved forever. With your help, we can save some of these pets and give them a loving home forever. Some of them need to recover from neglect and abuse. Some of the pets need emergency surgery. All of them need routine medical care. They all need a home where they can rest and know that they won’t be put to sleep while waiting for a forever home.

This isn’t free! We need your donations to rescue these dogs and cats so they are safe forever.

Whatever you can afford is greatly appreciated. The pets would hug you if they could.

The pets really do appreciate your help!