The Power Of Your Donation

The costs of running It's Meow or Never Animal Sanctuary are significant. The list below represents a sampling of how your donation dollars go to work at our animal sanctuary.

$ .25 will buy one dog biscuit.
$ .40 will buy a can of cat food.
$ .65 will buy a larger can of cat food.
$ .99 will buy one cat toy.
$ 2 will buy a pet thermometer.
$ 2 will buy a litter scoop.
$ 4 will buy ten pounds of kitty litter.
$ 6 will buy a kitty litter box.
$ 8 will buy one one tube of Advantage for fleas.
$10 will pay for one canine rabies vaccination.
$12 will buy one vaccination for canine Corona Virus.
$13 will buy ten pounds of dry cat food.
$18 will buy twenty pounds of dry cat food.
$14 will vaccinate a dog for distemper and Parvo.
$15 will vaccinate a cat for Feline Leukemia.
$17 will buy one cat and injection for tapeworms.
$18 will buy a dog a vaccination for Lyme Disease.
$18 will pay for one vaccination against Feline Infectious Peritonitis.
$18 will pay for pet shampoo.
$20 will buy one canine heart worm antigen test.
$25 will purchase a supply of feline heart worm pills.
$25 will test one cat for Leukemia and AIDS.
$30 will treat a dog for round, hook and tapeworms.
$35 will cover expenses of neutering a male cat.
$45 will cover expenses of spaying a female cat.
$116 will cover trash pickup for one month.
$250 will buy sleeping mats and comforts for cats.
$450 will buy an industrial size clothes and linen washer.
$450 will buy a refrigerator for medical supplies.
$500 will pay for regular postage expenses for one year.
$800 will buy storage cabinets for cleaning supplies.
$2,500 will pay insurance on the Facility for one year.
$2,700 will pay for the septic system for the new shelter building
$2,800 will pay utility bills for one year on the original shelter building.
$2,500 will pay telephone/fax/Internet bills for one year.
$3,500 will pay for the heating system in the new shelter building.
$4,400.00 will take care of needed concrete work for animal spaces
$24,500 will pay veterinarian & medical expenses for a year.
$28,000 will pay for animal food and supplies for one year.

Can you help by making a donation to It's Meow or Never?

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